How Much Does SEO Services Cost? – Analyzing the Cost of Professional SEO Services

Every businessman knows the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to their business. Websites will mean nothing if it does not attract traffic. SEO is just one of the many ways to generate traffic to your website. SEO helps you rank high on search engines like Google and Yahoo. For that, you need to avail of SEO services.

In order to rank high in search engines, you need to optimize your website to make it SEO friendly. With your website, you would want to gain a huge return of investment. Your website needs to be seen at the top page of search engines to make it profitable. This is where you can solicit the help of an SEO services company.

However, take note that search engine optimization has a price. Before anything else, you need to make the SEO Company aware of what you want to achieve. This will be the determining factor on how they will rate you for their services. Professional SEO services involve a lot of activities that could add up to the total cost of the project. Whether its website submission, generating targeted keywords, or pay per click advertising, the rates may vary depending on the extent of activity.

Determining the Cost

You must realize that there is no fixed cost when availing of professional SEO services. It will all depend on the kind of service, the experience of the company, your goals for search engine optimization, and other factors. So you should be aware of how much it costs so you can prepare the necessary amount.


In his article “SEO Pricing and Cost – What Should You Charge/How Much Should You Pay?,” CEO and Founder of SEOmoz Rand Fish kin briefly discussed the 7 most popular SEO pricing models and here they are:

• Hourly Consulting.

Charging on a per hour basis is the simplest and easiest way to cost a project. This will depend on the kind of person you are dealing with. For entry level consultants, the rates may range between $40 and $50 an hour. A middle SEO specialist and a top or advanced SEO practitioner may range between $100 to $200 and $300 to $500, respectively.

• Project-Based Consulting.

In a project based method, the SEO company will charge a flat rate throughout the duration of the project.

• Contract Services.

With this pricing model, the service provider can offer a range of independent services that come with a single price for a certain amount of work. However, it is possible to alter or change the cost of each service to suit several factors.

• Standard Profit Sharing.

Here, the company will offer a profit-based scheme. This will include a small down payment to get the SEO work ball rolling and a certain percentage of revenues generated from sales through the website.

• Modified Profit Sharing.

This model has some modifications from the traditional profit sharing model. Here, the SEO firm has an option to get a certain percentage of the profit before spending on any activity. Likewise, they can set the limits of payment and others. It is important for both the company and the customer to have knowledge of any profit-sharing deal. It should be regarded as a business partnership and should be given the necessary attention.

• Monthly Retainer.

In this pricing scheme, the SEO company will utilize a basic monthly retainer with a regular workload package offering several options. This is the ideal scheme for firms that want to maintain their clients for as long as possible.

•    Pay for Rankings.

This is one of the most interesting strategies that SEO companies will utilize. This is based on the idea that the cost of a service will depend on the ranking that it achieved. This is usually preferred by companies with specific terms and phrases that convert quickly and make a website rank higher in search engines.

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• Pay for Traffic.

With this scheme, the method of payment will depend on the amount of search engine traffic your website will generate.

Regardless of the mode of payment that you will use, availing of SEO services will depend on several factors. Likewise, we will realize the importance of search engine optimization in generating traffic to your website as well as in being noticed by customers and making it to the first page of search engines. So if your website is not SEO friendly yet, it is time to make the move and make your website one of the most popular in the industry. You may be losing out on potential customers.

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