Funeral Services To Remember The Dearly Departed

The loss of a loved one is something that almost everyone feels that they are prepared for but, once it happens, everything just seems to fall apart. The grief that loved ones feel is something incomparable that they may forget how to celebrate a life lived. Instead, they mourn over a loss.

Funeral ServicesFuneral services can help take some of the sting away from a loved one’s death. It is a way for families and friends to look back on the good times and a life well-lived. It is also a way for families to give the deceased a final “send-off” as they pay their respects and bid farewell.

While different countries have varying customs on Funeral services, below are a few of the most popular practices around the world:

1.Traditional Service

Commonly known as a wake, this service involves a visit to the deceased’s family while a ceremony is held. The body of the deceased is present in either an open or closed casket. Additionally, a funeral procession and additional ceremonies may take place during interment.

2.Memorial Service

This service is more ceremonial compared to a traditional Funeral service. Commonly done when the body of the deceased is not present (e.g. cremated, after burial, lost at sea, etc.), this service brings together family members and friends to remember the deceased.

3.Combined Services

One of the most common practices, a combined service is a visitation (i.e. wake) and a memorial service. This is also a service than can be held without the remains of the deceased present and can be held for mourners who are unable to be at the wake. A recitation of eulogies and other similar activities are common among combined services in order to fully celebrate the life of the departed.

4.Graveside Services

This is typically done before or after burial where a commemorative or memorial ceremony is held in a chapel or beside the grave. This type of service is most common among members of a religious congregation or organization where a religious representative presides over the ceremony.

5.Non-commemorative Service

This service is also known as “direct dispositions” where the body of the deceased is immediately interred, cremated, or donated to medical science with no ceremony or memorial service following it.

6.Special Rites

This is a service that accompanies a traditional ceremony. Usually, a special rite is done for members of a special group, organization or religious community (e.g. Military servicemen, Clergy, Free and Accepted Masons, etc.). With members of a religious community or organization, the service is usually taken care of by the congregation to which they are members of.

As with any personal event, a funeral for a loved one takes plenty of preparations to make sure that everything goes well and the deceased is given a proper farewell.

Over the years, Funeral services have given families and friends of the departed much ease in finding the right service for their loved one. Many sites are now providing online viewing of the wake for loved ones who cannot be physically present.

Also, there are special plans that may be taken advantage of by anyone who would like to make sure that their funeral is well tended to after they have passed away. Several websites are now offering plans and preparations for a person’s own memorial service that may also include options like cremation or a traditional burial.

Whatever the need, companies that provide Funeral services are more than willing to give out a helping hand to ease the pain and grief of losing a loved one or making arrangements ahead of time for one’s own passing.

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