Things to Look for In a Content Writer

Content marketing is an important component of any online and social media strategy. Having good and quality content engages your audience. Great content can increase the awareness of the audience, pique their interest, and inspire them take action. So, if you are serious about your online marketing strategy, it is important to choose a professional content writer.

Content writerGone are the days when you can just entrust content management to your administrative assistant. The competition is tough nowadays, so it is important to hire an experienced content writer who knows how to captivate the attention of the audience. If you currently do not have a talented writer in your staff, you can outsource your content, avail of a content marketing company’s services, or hire a professional writer directly.

Here are some of the things that you should look for in a content writer:

It is easy to just copy something from another website nowadays. If you want to have great content, you have to hire a writer who has originality. Do not hire a plagiarist. Before you hire the content writer, do a background check by checking his or her blog and other works. It is also important to run the submissions through anti-plagiarism software to ensure that you have original website content.

2.Ability to Understand Your Audience

Remember that you are communicating to your audience through your writer. So, it is important to pick someone who has the strong ability to understand your audience. It also helps to pick someone who has the strong ability to understand your audience. Choose the one who truly understands what your audience wants and needs.

3.Education and Experience

It is ideal to hire a writer who has a degree in writing, marketing, or advertising. It is best to hire someone who has professional education in copywriting. But, sometimes, it does not matter if the writer has a professional writing or marketing degree as long as he or she has extensive experience in content writing. It is important to pick someone who has vast knowledge in related fields such as SEO and social media marketing.

4.Impressive portfolio

Whether you are hiring the services of an individual writer or a content writing agency, it is important to pick someone who has an impressive portfolio. Take time to read the previous work of the potential candidate, as this will save you a lot of trouble later on. This will also ensure that you’ll get the right value for your money.

5.Good conversion

Remember that it is not about hiring the best writers and wordsmiths. When looking for a good content writer, pick the one who can convince readers to buy stuff! When interviewing your candidate, ask for his or her conversion rates. If he or she does not have access to this data, take time to assess his or her work with the conversion rate in mind.


Online marketing is an ongoing thing. So, you would want to pick someone who can turn in quality work on time. Well, actually, you need to pick someone who can turn in quality work all the time.

7.Good price

Some writers overcharge for their work. So, it is important to pick someone who gives good value for your money. Pick someone who falls within your budget.


Pick a writer who can write about different topics. It is also important to choose a writer who is willing to listen to you and eagerly handles your special requests.

Hiring a professional web writer or copywriter is a substantial investment. So, it is important to ensure that you hire the right one!