Silicon Bracelets: Where Else Can You Use Them?

Rubber wristbands are not just cool fashion accessories, they can be customized in order to be used for various events and special occasions. These custom rubber wristbands can also make life easier. They can be helpful in making operations faster and in keeping certain activities in order.

Want to know how these accessories can help people? Here are some of the activities and events where these awesome rubber wristbands will be useful:

1.  Elections

Rubber bracelets can also be used as campaign materials. People can help political candidates win in the elections by distributing custom rubber wristbands to voters. These wristbands are also more durable and useful compared to other campaign materials like flyers and posters. Supporters of a certain political candidate are free to wear them, even if the elections are over.

2.  Parties

Custom rubber wristbands can be used as alternatives to V.I.P. party passes and invitations. By requiring each party guest to wear one special wristband, celebrants won’t be having problems in identifying the ones they invited. These colorful rubber bracelets can also be worn like bangles at raves. Birthday celebrants can even turn these personalized silicon bracelets into giveaways that they can present to their guests.

3. Grand Opening of Establishments

Custom rubber braceletsPeople who run establishments like museums, art galleries and even specialty stores can give special rubber bracelets to those who will attend their grand opening. These wristbands will also be helpful in promoting the newly-opened establishments.

4.  Family Reunions

Rubber bracelets are also perfect for large family gatherings. They can feature their family name and reunion date on these wristbands. Clans can also use these custom rubber wristbands in identifying fellow family members and introducing them to other relatives who attended the family reunion.

5.  Tours

Tour Guides can speed up head counts by requiring travelers to wear special color-coded rubber bracelets. These cool accessories can also help them in grouping the tour participants.

6.  Supporting Causes

Do you want more people to be aware of heart diseases? Want to empower women who experienced domestic violence? These rubber bracelets can help non-profit organizations in raising awareness for certain causes. Selling customized silicon wristbands with inspirational messages can also help certain organizations in raising funds.

7.  Conventions

Instead of giving paper passes, organizers can require convention attendees to wear special color-coded rubber wristbands containing the event’s name and date. Once the convention ends, they can even keep these bracelets as souvenirs.

8.  Team Building Activities

Wearing color-coded rubber wristbands will be helpful for those who will participate in team building activities. Instead of requiring participants to wear shirts of the same color, activity organizers can require them to wear silicon bracelets. In that case, they won’t be having trouble identifying which team a player is part of.

9.  Concerts

Concertgoers will definitely love rubber bracelets containing their favorite artist’s name and the particular concert they attended. The best thing about these bracelets is that, fans can wear them anytime. These accessories will surely remind them of the best concert they attended.

10. Sporting Events

Many have already seen basketball stars wearing colorful Baller ID wristbands while playing their games. Sports Fans can also wear these customized silicon bracelets to show their support while watching their favorite athletes and sport teams’ games.

11.  Encouraging School Spirit

Aside from hoodies and t-shirts, schools can also make silicon wristbands part of their official school merchandise. They can feature the school’s name and official colors in the wristbands that they will be selling. Those custom rubber bracelets will surely attract alumni and current students who are proud of their school.

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