The Joy of Having Customized Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are valuables items that many individuals wear everyday. They are commonly used to support identification cards. Most facilities such as schools and office buildings secure their environment by regulating access to authorized personnel only; therefore, students and employees have to wear their ID badges with them at all times to announce to everyone that they have the right to be in that area. This practice of wearing an identification card has become a standard practice in most establishments around the world. This is why the presence of individuals wearing a lanyard around has become quite a familiar sight.

A new trend that has emerged from the lanyard industry is the introduction of customizable ID necklaces. Neck lanyards consist of two parts: the attachment and the necklace. Customers can choose the type of attachment that will be hooked up to the strap. The most common attachments that are used are the ones that hold up identification badges. Users can select from other kinds of hardware to carry other small items. These hardware options include mobile holders and key chain rings. Typically, customers get some free basic attachments when they place an order. The more fancy attachments come with a charge.

Another great feature that customers can request for is the addition of a safety breakaway. This is a clasp that can be built into the necklace that allows people to release the lanyard from their necks in case it accidentally gets snagged. This important feature prevents accidental choking.

Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards are available in different widths and there is a variety of colors to choose from. Most lanyard suppliers use the pantone color matching system. This color library allows manufacturers to replicate specific color samples. For customers who are concerned with branding and use ID necklaces to represent the aesthetic of their organization or company, precise coloring is important.

When it comes to imprinting, customers also have the option of submitting their own artwork or logos that they want to replicate. They can also choose from a selection of free graphics provided by the supplier. When purchasing ID necklaces, there are many different style options available such as:

Shoestring Lanyard

With this style, the strap is made up of a cord that resembles a shoestring instead of a flat strap. The cord is about ¼ inch so it is still possible to imprint the words on the surface of the cord. However, for those who want to imprint complicated logos or graphics on the fabric, this might not be the best option since the cord is so thin and does not offer a lot of printing space. The appeal of this type of lanyard is its aesthetic. It looks cute and sporty. It has a cool factor that kids look for. This option is ideal for students and sports organizations.

Tubular Lanyard

This style is the most affordable kind, and is perfect for those who are operating on a tight budget. It is made of polyester twill fabric that can be imprinted with logos and lettering.

Dye Sublimated Lanyard

This type of lanyard is known for its superior quality. When imprinting the words and graphics, manufacturers use a technique that saturates the inks all the way through the polyester fabric. This makes the imprints vivid and highly visible. This style is perfect for those who want to advertise their brand in a powerful way.

Custom neck lanyards allow individuals to create an accessory that reflects their own personal style and sensibility. These are also useful for companies since they can use these as promotional tools to advertise their businesses. This is why customized ID necklaces have become so popular.

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Golf Tips When Playing with Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs have the performance of irons and the look and feel of fairway woods. The versatility of hybrids can save you money on your golf equipment and reduce the number of golf clubs you need to carry. Compared to a traditional iron, the club head of a hybrid is heavier, which makes it slide along the bunker rather than dig into the sand. However, there are still many golfers who do not know how to make the most of their hybrids.


When striking a chip shot from the border of the green, consider your hybrid as a putter. Apply a putting grip, and then shorten your swing follow through and backswing. If you need more control and stability on the shot, choke down on the grip and slide your hands toward the club head.

Slow and Steady Swing

Do not try to hit the ball too hard. Although hybrids do not seem as powerful as woods, a slow and steady swing can cause the same long shot. Because of their lighter club head, hybrid clubs do not need a hard swing for the best result, which means “smooth and steady” will work to your advantage. If at all, hitting harder using a hybrid will probably lead to a slice or hook.

Ball Position

When hitting a ball from a good place in the fairway, adjust your posture so that the ball is a little nearer to your front foot than usual. Hybrids normally hit the bottom of the swing slightly later than irons, which is the reason why you need to place the ball forward. However, if you are in a bunker or deep rough, put the ball about one or two inches back in your stance so it would be easier to strike the ball before the hybrid reaches the ground. Normally, hybrid clubs have shorter shafts than conventional clubs. So, if you are having difficulty adjusting to your new hybrid club, you need to move closer to the golf ball.

Tees Are Okay

Hybrid clubsSome people sometimes think that hybrids are not suitable to play off a tee, but this is not true. It is completely okay to use hybrids off the tee on a short par-4 or long par-3. A hybrid club tends to create a higher trajectory and loft angle, which means a powerful shot can softly land on the green with a slight roll, making way for a possible eagle or birdie putt.

Try Different Things on the Practice Range

Since hybrid clubs have a lot of uses, it may take more time for a golfer to practice in order to become comfortable using these clubs. Try different ball positions first to look for the easiest spot for you to hit the ball with the best spot of the club face. Adjust your hands lower on the grip of the club and hit some more shots to do better on short chips and approaches.

Keep a High Backswing in Tough Spots

To quickly lift the club head to waist level, use your wrists so you could drive down into the golf ball at contact and hit it out of a difficult spot. Move your arms, wrists, and hands together as one during the backswing to maintain the hybrid in line. The wrists must remain locked until you pull the hybrid back about eight inches. The moment the hybrid is pulled back 12 inches, the shaft must be parallel to the terrain.

Non-Fairway Shots

You can also use hybrid clubs on chip shots and in the rough. On chip shots, if you choke up the hybrid and let its natural loft angle take charge, you will have more accuracy in your ball placement.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll eventually master using your hybrids – and soon, you’ll have a much better time playing golf.